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Mermaid Fantasy Sessions
These limited sessions are scheduled from May through October on Onslow Beach, Emerald Isle,

and Topsail Island, NC beaches.
Travel sessions are available. 
Sessions include use of tails and accessories for up to five mermaids, a golden hour or sunrise session,  professional retouching and fantasy editing of your images. Pirates are also welcome!!

Please inquire for our full pricing guide.

Mermaid Mini Sessions are now booking for JUNE, JULY and AUGUST 2024!

These minis are short and sweet! Perfect for those little merbabies!


The details!!

Our mermaid sessions start with a quick questionnaire for me to get all the info I need to create a memorable experience for your mermaids! You'll then receive a prep guide with all the information you'll need to get ready for your session, including what to bring, makeup tips and more. 

When we meet on your favorite beach, I will have all the tails in the sizes you specified with me.  Your mermaid will have her choice of colors and designs.

We have many tails in all sizes from infant to adult.  Most of our smaller sizes have matching tops, but you are welcome and encouraged to bring your own.  I suggest solid colors.  Jewel tones and basic black works with most of the tails.  

The session!

After your mermaid has chosen her tail, the fun begins!!  This is my favorite part!!

I'll help her to get into the tail, add the fin and then we watch as her eyes light up and the excitement kicks in!  These tails are designed for swimming and playing, so there is no limit to the fun they can have in and out of the water.  Splashing is encouraged!!

As she gets comfortable, I'll guide her into some poses starting on dry sand, gradually moving closer and then into the water.  She's in full control!  If she doesn't want to get wet, no problem!  But if she loves the water, I'll be right there with her snapping photos the entire time.  

Play time!

After I've gotten all the photos I need for your gallery, you mermaids are free to play in the waves for a bit.  I'll probably still be snapping a few pictures during this time, but the candids are always the best, right!!


Get the whole family involved!

Our mermaid experience is not just for little girls!  With tails of all sizes, the whole family is invited to participate and mermaids are nothing without the pirates who love them!  I do have a few pirate props, a pretty cool pirate ship and a chest of pirate treasure!  

The editing

In the days after your session, I will be working to make your images magical!! 

I'll make the colors brighter and add some sparkle!  I'll also create a few pieces of fantasy art to add to your gallery!  

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