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Six sweet babies!!

Not my usual type of newborn session, this one was much shorter and much more stressful. These babies, 3 girls and 3 boys, will be one month old in a few days. They are starting to litter train, are running around like crazy and have stolen the hearts of my daughters. It will be hard to part with them, but I cannot imagine living with 9 cats (we already have 3 including mom). So, they are up for adoption.

Left to right, Penelope, Wee Jamie, Rupert, Heather, Cupcake and Angus

Want to guess which one 3 year old Scarlett named?

The boys, Angus, Wee Jamie and Rupert

Girls, Penelope and Heather.

That's sweet Cupcake in the middle.

I'd love to find wonderful homes for all of these kittens. If you are looking for a new pet, or know someone that may be, please share.

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